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Short Texts

A collection of 150 non-fiction high interest short texts, levelled across lower to upper primary reading ages, that when used in conjunction with the Lesson Plans is a teaching tool for the 6 key strategies for comprehension.

Teach with authentic, complete, high-interest and age-appropriate short texts.

  • 150 short, informative texts grouped across five modules for five year levels.
  • Texts are high interest, authentic, and complete – they are not excerpts.
  • In each text, the vocabulary specific to that text is explained in student-friendly language.
  • Key words are explained and supported by clearly captioned photographs.
  • Texts are linked by a common concept, which encourages higher level thinking and discussion.
  • Clear models of text types: report, recount, explanation, interview, discussion, argument.
  • Concepts covered include: investigating the past, survival, the sea, space, communication, rights and responsibilities, animals, bugs and ecosystems.

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